Joshua Kane in his spare time...

Hey, it's been a while. 
As you probably know I worked with Joshua Kane for couple of years but I wanted to do something different. This time it wasn't about his tailoring but what he enjoys doing in his spare time *when he has any*. 
Last Friday we went to BaySixty6 in London for a skateboarding session. 

This video was filmed on three different cameras and graded later to match through out. I feel that in the near future I will be focusing to produce more similar content that will explore peoples' passion and vibe as my personal projects. Watch this space.

Editorial for Diesel

Editorial for Diesel
Photography: Bart Pajak
Models: Emma Louise Connolly, Oliver Proudlock

The whole story available here.

Shaun Gordon Tie Maker Collection for 2016/17

Once again, this year I had a pleasure of working with Shaun Gordon - the tie maker. 
His latest collection is inspired by the dark horse, the person who keeps their plans to him or herself and often surprises everyone with his/her skill or ability. You can find more details about it on his website. 

Photography: Bart Pajak
Model: Kevin
Mua: Martyna Parzniewska
Styling: Joseph Crone
Ties Designed: Shaun Gordon