Personal project - Cosplayers

Happy New Year! 

It's been a while since I worked on a personal project so at the end of last year I decided to focus more on that. 

As one of my biggest passions is entertainment photography I settled to focus on Comic-con in London. 

I decided to go on Saturday morning as I worked out that would be the time when the majority of the people would go.
Upon my arrival, I realised that to "build a studio" at the bottom of the stairs leading from the station was the best idea. This way I could easily see who was coming through and just pick people off the crowd.
My main goal was to "catalogue" the cosplayers and by that highlight their creativity. For research, I focused on Halloween projects by Joey L and Felix Kunze. I also considered stitching all the sitters as I did previously in my work for Joshua Kane but in the end, I decided to keep them as individual portraits. 
For the setup, I used one Profoto Acute B2 light and an umbrella with a diffuser for the key light and use sunlight for rim lighting. The biggest problem of shooting in open spaces in London is a wind so my assistant was kind enough to hold the light and protect it from flying away.
In the end, I managed to photograph almost 120 of cosplayers within around 4h. 

I decided to remove the original background because of the people walking behind. As I planned that beforehand I already had some plates ready that I could easily swap once I cut the subjects out.

These are selected 25 of them: