For the love of cars

Few weeks ago... It seems that most of my blog posts start with the same sentence. But this is how it works. First you shoot, then you wait for approval and the release by the time you can actually show the photos is like two months later and you barely remember you shot it....

It is an interesting proces as by time you can put the pictures up there are few things you would like to change in the pictures: light, selection, poses... But the end of the day this mean you improve... develop.  

Going back to original subject... We had a pleasure working with two great presenters Ant Anstead and Philip Glenister from the TV series "For the love of cars" 

We spent a half day shooting on location which was a rented car park and in an alley behind the car park photographing them with the best looking vintage Fiat 500. 

And here are the images from the shoot;